Harry Nelson was interviewed on The Law Business Insider as part of their “America’s Best Selling Authors Series.” During the expansive 20 minute conversation Harry discusses aspects of Obamacare that are failing, emergency room treatment, and single payer plans. Harry also proposes a solution to the healthcare problem that includes elements of employer based plans and a basic level of universal coverage.

Nelson Hardiman partner, Rob Fuller, discusses the implications of Trump Administration’s recent executive order on VOA International Edition. Fuller comments on the eliminations of the CSR’s, introduction of skinny benefit plans, possibility of large premium increases, and how detrimental this executive order will be to low income working population.

Nelson Hardiman partner, Rob Fuller, was interviewed about the current state of healthcare under Trump Administration on KTLA 5. Fuller comments on the executive order easing the requirements under the ACA, new legislation regarding businesses and birth control, and the status of CHIP.

Harry Nelson Interviewed on Voice of America About Latest Failure to Repeal and Replace Obamacare (starting at 15:29).


Nelson Hardiman managing partner, Harry Nelson, discusses the opioid epidemic on KTLA 5. According to Harry, there are at least 50,000 opioid related deaths in the United States annually. Additionally, Harry discusses declaring a national emergency as well as the “crisis of pain” that has contributed to the problem.

Managing Partner, Harry Nelson, discusses the reality of the repeal and replace “Plan C” that the republicans have tried to pass. Harry speaks to the unknowns that would be out there should a full repeal and replace later actually pass.

Nelson Hardiman managing partner, Harry Nelson was interviewed by Lori Lundon on Voice of America about the latest iteration of the Republican healthcare bill. Starting at 9:30, Harry speaks about the divide in the Republican Senate and suggests that repeal and delay was the only viable option for passing a bill at this time.

Harry Nelson was featured on the PopHealth Podcast, a podcast by healthcare professionals that explores the challenges facing the American Healthcare system and the innovative minds looking to solve them and move the industry into the future.

Harry Nelson was interviewed by Lori Lundon on Voice of America’s International Edition about President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to healthcare. Starting at 10:09, Harry discusses the proposed $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid, the impact on poor Americans and the economic costs associated with returning to an emergency room treatment healthcare policy.

Nelson Hardiman partner, Rob Fuller, discusses the winners and losers of the GOP health care bill on ABC News. According to Rob, winners include conservative politicians, insurance companies and digital health companies. While losers encompass hospitals, people with pre-existing conditions and people between the ages of 45 and 65.

Harry Nelson Interviewed on ABC7 About the Winners & Losers of Proposed Republican Healthcare Bill.

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Harry Nelson Discusses the Republican Proposal to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act on Bloomberg Radio.

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Harry Nelson Interviewed by Lori Lundon on Voice of America’s International Edition about President Trump’s Comments on Healthcare

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Harry Nelson Interviewed on KTVU Fox About Massive Changes Coming to Healthcare

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